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The Fresh Approach

What’s The IHG Fresh Difference?

We believe in simplifying our customers’ lives — and satisfying their appetites! IHG only uses the freshest ingredients to offer outstanding service. Our services are customized to your needs with fresh selections and healthy alternatives. Through a culinary driven concept, customers appreciate the quality choices they receive with IHG time and time again.

IHG has a clinical dietician on staff. Our dietician is ready and available to meet all customer needs by customizing any meal plan. By using only the freshest ingredients and foods, our menu items are just as healthy as they are satisfying.

IHG believes in a customer driven solution, not a product driven solution. While large contract feeders purchase and serve food driven towards their bottom line, IHG only buys and prepares fresh ingredients to our client’s specifications. We believe that fresh food is essential to a healthy life and are committed to providing fresh choices to our customers.

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